What Does an Appointment Involve?

If you think you may be experiencing a loss of hearing, contact our office in Glendale, Arizona, and we’ll set up an appointment for you.

The assessment* we provide is both painless and safe. We begin with questions about your hearing health such as history of exposure to loud noise, medical problems with your ears, or problems understanding speech in specific environments. We suggest that you bring someone who knows you well to the appointment. Often their opinion of your hearing and listening abilities may differ from your own.

The hearing assessment* is conducted in a sound booth and includes both finding the softest sounds you are able to hear for a range of tones and your ability to understand everyday speech at different loudness levels.

At the conclusion, we will know whether a hearing loss is present and if it is treatable. We also will know if the hearing loss is significantly affecting your communication with others and if you are a candidate for hearing aids.

The results of your hearing evaluation are available immediately. We present the tone test findings on a graph known as an audiogram, explain how hearing loss at some pitches but not others can affect speech clarity, and present our recommendations to improve your hearing.

Hearing Aid Evaluation/Demonstration

Choosing the right hearing aid is important. After discussing your needs and lifestyle, we advise you on the most appropriate style, technological level, and brand of hearing aid is chosen according to your hearing needs and budget. We usually like to fit potential candidates with hearing aids from one or more companies at this time to demonstrate the benefits of amplification and differences between manufacturers. Almost 98% of all hearing aids fit worldwide are made by six companies and Dobbins Hearing Service is proud to carry each of the major brands. We believe our commitment to carry a full product line gives us unique ability to accurately choose the best amplification for each person.

Located in Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, or North Phoenix, Arizona? Contact our office to schedule your hearing assessment* today.