Some insurance companies offer a benefit toward the purchase of hearing aids. Insurance plans vary greatly in the allowed amounts covered, authorization procedures, and the frequency of purchase. Companies also differ on whether they choose to pay the benefits directly to the audiologist providing the service or to a third party administrator who contracts with the audiologist dispensing the hearing aids.

At Dobbins Hearing Service we are contracted to and accept payment from many insurance companies and third party administrators. The best way to find whether benefits are available to you is to supply us with your insurance information when you make your appointment. We can usually determine the existence and extent of benefits before you arrive for the appointment.

The insurance companies with hearing aid benefit plans with whom we participate include:

• Blue Cross/Blue Shield
• United Health Care
• Mercy Care Advantage
• CIGNA, Banner
• Banner
• Mercy Maricopa Advantage
• Aetna
• Humana
• and others

Third party administrators with whom we work regularly include:

• Amplifon/HearPO
• Hear USA
• Tru Hearing
• and others


Please contact our office in Glendale, Arizona for current information.