Welcome to Dobbins Hearing Service

Whatever your hearing needs, Dobbins Hearing Service can help residents of Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, and North Phoenix, Arizona. Our patients range in age from children to folks over one hundred years old. From basic behavioral tests to hearing aid evaluations, we can assess your hearing problems. When appropriate, we can help you to compensate for hearing loss with the latest in digital hearing devices.

Our Audiologist - Dr. Traci Woods.

Dr. Woods, Au.D. recognizes how vital hearing is to your happiness, your safety, and even your relationships. Because you are an individual, he offers specialized hearing care, not cookie-cutter treatment. She is an expert on the latest hearing technology and offers so much more:

  • The experience and credentials to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in hearing care.
  • Your needs guide our recommendations.
  • Access to what is truly the latest technology - not the technology that was new several years ago.
  • A collaborative approach that keeps you at the center of your hearing health care
  • Free follow-up care, including cleaning, adjustments, and hearing retraining - included to protect your investment in better hearing.

We offer the expertise, service, and support you need to hear the world around you as clearly as possible, while helping you to take full advantage of the complete range of digital hearing devices available today. Contact our office in Glendale, Arizona to schedule your appointment.