Hearing aids are the preferred treatment for the symptoms of sensorineural or “nerve” hearing loss. By amplifying soft sounds, hearing aids restore the missing parts of the acoustic signal sent to the brain. The fuller signal provides the brain with more complete information resulting in better clarity for speech. Hearing aids are also effective in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus often associated with hearing loss.

Current hearing aids are microchip based and can process sound at rates approaching three million transformations per second. Six manufacturers produce 98% of the world’s hearing aids and invest over $300 million annually in new product research and development.

Hearing aids are priced according to the features or benefits provided for listening in difficult listening environments. The most expensive work as a pair to isolate speech in noisy rooms, while the least expensive work independently to improve hearing primarily in quiet environments.

At Dobbins Hearing Service we sell and service products from each of the major manufacturers priced to reflect the technological level of the hearing aid. The recommendation of a specific technological level is based upon each individual’s hearing lifestyle.

The levels are:

Active: for those people who are often in background noise.

Casual: for those only occasionally in noise.

Quiet: for those individuals with limited exposure to background noise.

Very Quiet: for those who rarely encounter background noise.

Once fit, hearing aids are customized for each patient and programmed to match the patient’s unique needs. For most people we start with less than the prescribed amount of amplification which we increase over the first few visits to ease getting used to new sounds. We provide thorough instruction in listening with a hearing aid, as the brain must re-learn to focus on specific sounds and ignore distracting noises. We teach you how to use and care for the instruments and provide careful follow-up testing to ensure they are functioning properly.

Serving the areas of Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, and North Phoenix, Arizona, Dobbins Hearing Service has been providing hearing aid solutions since 1984. Contact us today to find the perfect hearing aid for your lifestyle.


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