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What brand of hearing aids do you sell?

At Dobbins Hearing Service we sell products produced by the six major manufacturers who build 98% of all hearing aids worldwide and invest over $300 million per year in research and development.  We use only the flagship brands from each manufacturer, the brand that is each company’s best and most updated product.  In no particular order, the brands we recommend and fit are:  Oticon, Widex, Phonak, Resound, Siemens, and Starkey.

Do you have a trial period?

Yes, we have a 45 day refund/trial period within which hearing aids may be exchanged or returned for a full refund.

After the trial period, we will continue to adjust, clean and check your hearing aids and advise and consult on hearing lifestyle related issues at no charge through the warranty period of the hearing aids.

What are your hearing aid warranties?

All of the hearing aids we sell carry a manufacturer’s three year warranty and most also have a three year loss/damage replacement policy.

Why is there such a variety in pricing from one device to another?

Hearing aids are priced according to the technological level and features of the processor within the hearing aid.  The most expensive and sophisticated hearing aids work in conjunction with each other for the best hearing in noisy background situations. The hearing aids that will be best for you are the ones that are right for your lifestyle.  We recommend specific hearing aids using lifestyle information in addition to hearing loss shape and severity.  Some of the questions which provide answers that may be important to determining the right hearing aids for you include: How often are you in background noise? Do you want to have controls on your hearing aid? Do you use the phone often? How important is watching television to you? Do you have difficulty handling small objects?

What should I think of when considering a hearing aid?

First and foremost, be sure to consult an expert hearing care provider such as Dobbins Hearing Service to help you through the decision-making process. You should also think carefully about the kind of life you would like to lead. Better hearing sometimes leads people to more active and social lifestyles.

How long do hearing aids last?

With careful maintenance and care, the average hearing aid should last four to six years. To extend the life of your device, clean it weekly with the tools that are provided and keep storage conditions optimal. A dehumidifying storage unit can prevent moisture damage.  Make an appointment to have your hearing aids cleaned and checked at least once per year.

What if my hearing aids get wet?

Hearing aids are not waterproof, although they may be moisture resistant, so submersion through swimming, showering, or dropping them into water can ruin your devices.

If your hearing aid gets wet, turn it off at once, remove the battery, and dry both the battery and hearing aid with a cloth. Use a dehumidifier at once, and keep it on for twenty-four hours, or three to four drying cycles.

Can I sleep with my hearing aids?

Sleeping with your hearing aids in does not harm the hearing aids. Keep in mind, though, that units can fall out during sleep, and that battery life can be extended by removing and turning off the devices at bedtime.

Why do audiologists usually recommend two hearing aids instead of one?

Binaural hearing - or hearing with two ears - helps humans understand speech, locate noises, and maintain balance. With binaural hearing, it’s easier to understand where we are in relation to the people and things around us. It is the “normal” mode of hearing for human beings and it is how our brain expects us to hear. Strangely enough, hearing with only one ear is less than half as effective as hearing with two.

Are hearing aids difficult to clean?

Not at all! We will teach you to use a brush tool to remove dirt, dust, and earwax from areas where they may become trapped. A lightly moist cleansing wipe finishes the job.

How often should I wear hearing aids?

Hearing aids are meant to be worn all waking hours.  As you wear hearing aids, you become a better listener by improving your ability to attend to sounds essential to comprehension while disregarding the less important sounds.   The better listener you become, the more easily you will be able to understand speech in all situations.

Can hearing aids make my hearing problem worse?

Hearing aids will not make your hearing worse. Many people, in fact, find that they hear better for a short while after taking out their hearing aids. This residual effect does not last long and the reason for it may be that wearing hearing aids encourages one to become a better listener.

The exception to this generalization is hearing aids fit to profoundly deaf individuals. It is sometimes possible that the amount of power necessary to amplify sound for these individuals may be enough to cause additional hearing damage.
Carefully fit hearing aids in these cases can reduce the risk of over amplification.

How often should I have my hearing evaluated?

Bi-yearly hearing checks are recommended for anyone over age fifty, and intermittent checks are a good idea throughout your lifetime. If your hearing seems to have changed recently, be sure to schedule a hearing check with a qualified provider.

How long will my hearing aid batteries last?

The typical life of the most common 312 zinc air battery is six to nine days and most people change them every seven days. Smaller size 10 batteries average about five days while larger size 13 batteries last about two weeks.

Battery life is affected by a number of factors including hours of use, time spent in noisy situations, use of wireless devices, power level of the receiver in the aid, temperature, and others.