Dobbins Hearing Service was started by Dr. Ed Dobbins in 1984 and has been operating at the same location in Glendale, Arizona since that time. 

Dobbins Hearing Service's mission was - and continues to be - to provide better hearing for each individual by providing the most appropriate products and services available. He believed in keeping current in the rapidly changing field of hearing aid technology and uses a variety of manufacturers for the best possible value in improved hearing.

Correcting a hearing loss takes more than simply dispensing hearing aids. We are here to answer questions, educate, advise, and provide long term service to you as a hearing aid wearer.

Meet Our Hearing Care Provider: Ted Anderson

Ted AndersonDobbins Hearing Service is happy to welcome Ted Anderson to the team. A native of Seattle, Ted has lived in the Glendale region since 1992. He's been working in the audiology industry for 26 years, and loves that he can help transform lives through improved hearing. He has enjoyed watching the transformation of hearing aids from analog to digital devices, and is happy that he can share all the exciting changes in products with people who have hearing loss.

Prior to working in the hearing aid industry, Ted had careers in the airline industry and financial services. A 1987 graduate of the University of Pugent Soud, he was an education major.

Ted brings a love of people, a passion for helping those with hearing loss and extensive knowledge of hearing health, your ears and hearing products. Come for a free hearing assessment to get to know Ted and experience his outstanding service-oriented care for yourself.

Contact our office in Glendale, Arizona to schedule your appointment today.